Bicycle Pick up and Delivery Service

Getting your new cargo bike home can be a challenge, as there are only a few car racks on the market that easily fit the extended wheel base bikes.  We offer free delivery of your new cargo bike in Boulder County, and can arrange delivery almost anywhere else in Colorado for an additional fee (time and gas).  It is also difficult to bring in a bike that needs a lot of maintenance, and we offer pick up and delivery service in these instances as well, typically $10-$20 per trip.  This service helps to get you back on your bike with a minimal impact on your schedule.  There is a price break on the number of bikes that we pick up, so get your child’s bike, your spouse’s ride, your buddy’s ride or your neighbor’s old steed in on the deal for extra savings.  Trying out cargo bikes with the whole family can also be a challenge, and we are willing to make house calls so that you can try these superb bicycles out in the safety of your own cul-de-sac.



Hollywood rack in action
Bike delivery