Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes replace your car for in town errands and trips to school.  We specialize in long tail style bicycles, such as the Surly Big Dummy, the Yuba Mundo and the Xtracyle Edgerunner.  These bicycles are geared to handle the terrain of Boulder (up and down hills, headwinds and occasional bits of single track shortcuts).  Your bike handles like a bike, not a bike dragging a trailer.  Talk to the kids as you ride, find out how school really was today, rather than the obligatory “Fine” in the car ride.  Take the kids on playdates with friends, point out the never ending things that you encounter (prairie dogs, raptors, rabbits) and bring more adventure into your lives together.  Life cannot be experienced through windows.  Cargo bikes keep you where you are supposed to be… together.  Bring the whole family in today and try them out.


cargo bike
Gazelle Cabby

A bakfiet bike will keep you well balanced.  Children love to ride in the front compartment, and talking to them while you ride is one of the main selling points.  With a full canopy, this bicycle will serve your family commuting needs all year round.

Midtail Cargo Bike
Yuba Boda Boda

Midtail cargo bikes are great for smaller spacesand will help you cross all the bridges in your life.  Perfect for those with slightly smaller loads. this bike will fit on the racks in the front of RTD busses.  Easier to maneuver and carry up stairs.

long tail cargo bicycles
Xtracycle Edgerunners
Longtail Cargo Bicycle
Yuba Mundo
Longtail cargo bikes
Xtracycle Edgerunner