Fall Riding at its Best

Fall Riding at its Best

The last week has been one of the best of the year.  Fresh off the trip to Moab, I felt inspired to ride a bit more locally.

Sunday took me up to a friend’s house off of Magnolia road.  There are a ton of great trails up there, but most of the trailheads feature a No Trespassing sign, and the trails were made by horseback riders in the neighborhoods.  Have no doubt, these are all on private property, but when you are riding with a member of the community, you get a bit of a pass.  I would not ride these trails without him, first of all because I would get lost in minutes, which wouldn’t be a big deal if the homeowners weren’t out looking for trespassers.  Out of respect, I will post no pics or info, but suffice to say it was a great ride that spit us out on a blistering ridge line.  He is planning on moving to the flatlands soon, and I am going to miss riding on what you could consider a private reserve.

Tuesday morning found me at the Springbrook loop with Steve G, one of my most reliable riding companions.  There was spectacular lighting in the a.m., and pairing that with some of the best views of the Flatirons that Boulder has to offer is a winner.



Monkeys just don’t listen, I was so embarrassed when he climbed up there.


Clouds and colors.

The following Sunday was the experiment involving an entry level bike at Betasso.  Here is the only picture I managed to take, read more here.


On Monday Steve G. and I returned to one of my new favorites, Centennial Cone.  We rode it counterclockwise this time.  I love how a trail is completely different based on direction.  Instead of climbing the relentless switchbacks, you are faced with navigating down them, which can be intimidating when you realize how terrible an endo would be.


The climb to the loop from Highway 6.


This was my first time seeing snowflakes this fall.  There weren’t many, and it soon turned to grapple.


Steve attacks the stair.


Sections like this make a trail hard not to love.


Perhaps my favorite bridge on the front range.

Any day now, snow will blanket the trails in the high country, and riding the front range will be on a day by day basis.  If you can, get out there!

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