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When it comes to kid’s bikes, we have a lot of experience of teaching kids to ride and creating cycling’s future.

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The advent of push bikes has had a profound effect upon how children learn to ride bikes.  Training wheels are quickly  being relegated to a by gone era as children can work on balancing without pedaling.  These smaller bikes teach kids how to lean when turning, rather than turning handlebars as is required with training wheels.  These bikes are also smaller and lighter, which really help to make young riders feel safer.

We carry two brands of push bikes, the Yuba and the Cleary.


Push bike
Your child’s first cargo bike: the Yuba Flip Flop


The Yuba Flip Flop created quite the stir when it was released.  With a built in rack, this bike is ready to teach kids that bicycles are more than toys, they are transportation.  The second advantage of this bike is that it can be flipped over to allow a variety of kids to use it successfully.  Effectively it fits kids from one year old to 6 years old.




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The Cleary Starfish gets your kid rolling right way


Cleary bicycles are built tough, and designed to readily transfer your kids from beginners to rippers.  These bikes are very well designed, and while they are a bit heavier than other push bikes, this is because they have tires with tubes (rather than the hard foam used by most designers) which allow your child to feel differences in terrain. They also come with hand brakes.  One problem with the typical push bikes is that children learn to brake with their feet… this causes problem when they make the move to a conventional bicycle, when putting your foot down to stop is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.


Cleary also designs regular bikes for children, starting with the 12″ wheeled Gecko:


The Cleary Gecko will get your kids climbing like it's namesake!
The Cleary Gecko will get your kids climbing like it’s namesake!

The 16″ wheeled Hedgehog:


The Cleary Hedgehog let's your child tuck in and roll away.
The Cleary Hedgehog let’s your child tuck in and roll away.

And the 20″ wheeled Owl:





Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 4.11.09 PM
For those that give a hoot, know your kid can ride on the best.