Swobo bikes pair high quality parts and design with a price point that is hard to beat.  Think of them as Colorado’s response to Surly, and with the money you save on the bike, you can afford to drink a nice, local microbrew instead of corporate swill.  Based in Fort Collins, this company makes cool stuff.


It seems every company has jumped on the fixie bandwagon, and while is is really easy to get a $300 hi-ten steel bike that looks O.K. but rides like garbage, the $549 Swobo Sanchez thinks you deserve chromoly steel and nice components.

Cruiser Boutique
Swobo Sanchez

If you like the Sancez, but want a bike that can with stand a bit more abuse, look at the Accomplice.  The same geometry, but with a stronger wheel set and meatier tires.  We like this bike so much, the owner bought one.  Same great price of $549.

Accomplice Green


Next up, the bike that is made for reliving your childhood at Valmont Park:  the lovely Folsum.  A bruiser with a coaster brake, this adult sized BMX will have you swept up with nostalgia for the simpler days of mountain biking.

Swobo | Cruiser Boutique
$579 Swobo Folsum

Next on the tour, the Mutineer.  This bike is one of a kind.  Is it a killer single speed mountain bike?  A bike park ninja?  Affordable?  Yes, yes and yes.  The owner’s Karate Monkey has been getting a lot less use.  650b tires are way more fun in the pump track than 29ers.

mutineer pink

Mtineer Black