Vote by Cargo Bike

Vote by Cargo Bike

This past Tuesday was Election Day.  I hope that you were able to participate and that the results are favorable with your disposition.  Caring about politics is not nearly as enjoyable as riding a bicycle, so I try to cast my vote from two wheels.  In this case it meant going along with traffic, which was pretty dangerous. I would prefer to just lock my bike by the side of the building and sneak in, but somehow I was allured by the “drive in” ballot drop off (in Boulder you receive your ballot in the mail).


This was followed by a trip to the library.  We have had such a pleasant fall, I had to take a picture by the Boulder Creek.


Behind the Xtracycle is a marker from the flood.  It is hard to believe that the water was threatening to go over the bridge, but that was what we survived last year.

Since I missed the grand opening of the Highway 93 tunnel the previous Thursday, I felt the urge to try again on Sunday night.


Thank you so much, taxpayers.  It was only a matter of time until someone was struck by traffic here, and now it doesn’t seem likely.

Right after the tunnel I saw this:


There was a sizable fire in the hills above Boulder, but apparently not a big enough deal to make it into the Daily Camera.  You have the scoop here, and it was wild to see the flames after the sun went down.

Being this far out, it seemed reasonable to bust a loop or two on the Springbrook trail.


I can’t believe that it was this pleasant in November, with leaves still hanging onto the branches.


The deer apparently do not care about bicyclists at all.  They won’t even yield the trail.  I had to walk through them as if they were a herd of cows, which happens frequently on parts of the Marshall Mesa trail.

I saw a coyote with the lights as well.  Of course he wouldn’t stay close enough to get his picture taken, but we stared each other down from a distance.  From the door of my house, with two loops on Springbrook (if a loop is less than 3 miles, and you can go in both directions, doubling up is the best way to roll) came to 24.5 miles.

Finally I made it to the garden just as the weather changed.  I finished with the rototiller just as the flakes started falling.  IMG_4629

We kind of dropped the ball on the garden this year, getting things in late and losing some plants to the heat.  This turning of the earth commits me to another year of gardening.


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