Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

This week looks like it will be warmer, but Monday had the definite winter edge to it, and we all know it is time for the snow to start flying.

Of course it was Halloween.  I think my Halloween spirit rotted away a few years ago, like so many poor pumpkins left on the porch to decay and fend off the circling squirrels.  So many years of trying to throw together costumes for one theme or another has slowly turned me into a costume-less curmudgeon.  By the time October rolls around I am tired of “the scene” and ready to just ride bikes, preferably in areas I haven’t been in before, and ultimately getting in a workout as well.  This Thursday I decided to do a night run down to South Boulder to see how the progress is going on the underpass at Marshall Mesa.  On the last trip to Centennial Cone, I noticed several non-construction people wandering about there, and my curiosity was piqued.  Of course this meant forgoing the Halloween Cruiser Ride, but that was O.K. because there are few things as scare inducing as riding single track at night, alone.  If you use a nice light, you start to see all of the eyeballs out there, mostly rabbits and the occasional deer, but your mind can’t help but wonder what predators are out there, slinking around, looking for an easy meal.  Am I like a rolling food truck, offering take out food for the lions?  Long story short:  The underpass was not accessible, but I did ride around a trailer park that I had never explored, and rode across a virgin to me bridge:


Have you crossed this one yet?

Sunday looked like the most promising day to ride, so the other ruffian and I caught the 10:10 bus to Ned.  Barely.  By the time I got there the CU cycling team had occupied all the bays and racks with bikes (I need to work on the old idea of offering lessons on how to pack more bikes on the bus), but the most ultimate bus driver in the world let us put our bikes in the handicap seating area, saving the day for single track.  First up, Sherwood Forest.  A brief discussion of proper riding etiquette at the top, followed by one of my favorite downhill sections.  First, the Karate Monkeys skeleton costume:


Any tips for de-boning a monkey?

What an awesome 29 mile bus shuttle, here is Steve, if you look closely enough, you know in your heart that he is having a great time.


Let’s hear it for established trails that are covered with fallen pine cones.


Less foliage can mean better views, we had to swing into Dream Canyon to look at rocks.


Sometimes you are the cog, other times you are the leaf.

Of course Halloween was followed by the scariest day of them all, election day.  I took out the shop’s most recent electric cargo bike to do the dirty work.


A 750 watt Bafang equipped Xtracycle Edgerunner, exercising it’s rights.


A nice fall day, headed home from the library.

Thanks for taken the time to read this, keep the rubber side down, friend.

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    Ryan, it was great meeting you! You are an inspiration to me. Keep it up, man. -Gabe

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