Xtracycle Accessories

Xtracycle Wide Loader $120 accessories
Xtracycle Wide Loader $120  Attached to the back of the Free Radical or Edgerunner frame, these will greatly increase your cargo carrying capacity.
Xtracycle X2 Bags w/ rain cover $250
Xtracycle X2 Bags w/ rain cover $250  A place for everything and everything in its place.  keep it nice and organized, waterproofed, safe and snug.
Xtracycle Sidecar $200
Xtracycle Sidecar $200  Tow an extra 200lbs!
Xtracycle X1 Bags $100
X1 Bags $100 Simply carry everything you need, from guitars to groceries.
Xtracycle Stirrups $50
Xtracycle Stirrups $50  Ride ’em cowboy, the stirrups grow with your kids, make mounting more fun and keep kids stabilized.
Xtracycle Mini Magic Carpet $15
Xtracycle Mini Magic Carpet $15  Every saddle benefits from a little cushion.  A happy seat makes a happy rider.
Xtracycle U Tubes $100
Xtracycle U Tubes $100  Great for supporting X1 and X2 bags from below, helping haul boxes and foot supports.
Xtracycle Edgerunner Fender Set $75
Xtracycle Edgerunner Fender Set $75  Stylish metal fenders with mud flaps.  Mount very well in very stylish manner.
Xtracycle Flightdeck $75
Xtracycle Flightdeck $75  Ready for mounting a Yepp seat, adds integrity to the Xtracycle frames by clamping on tightly.
Xtracycle Kickback Center Stand $150
Xtracycle Kickback Center Stand $150  Makes loading up much easier.  Our number one recommended accessory for Edgerunners and Free Radicals.