Xtracycle is the company that pioneered the long tail cargo bike.  Rated for a payload of up to 200 pounds plus rider.


Xtracycle Edgerunner Black $1599

The Xtracycle Edgerunner features a 20″ rear wheel.  This allows a lighter, stronger wheel that gets up to speed quicker than it’s 26″ counterparts.  Lowering the center of gravity makes carrying loads and getting them aboard easier. Starting at $1999.  Add a family pack (Hooptie and U-tubes) for $250.  All of our Xtracycles come with high end metal fenders installed, adding another $75.  The fenders are important on a family bike and make riding more pleasant.  Adding the fenders during the build is much easier than after the fact.  When being a pre-built Xtracycle, the fender install is included, adding them on at a later date adds $40 in labor, so it is better to get them right away.  Available in 2 sizes, small/medium and Medium/large.

 Joe Cargo

Tern Cargo Joe $999

Tern Joe Cargo (Closed)

The world’s only folding cargo bike, the Cargo Joe will fold and store in spaces where other long tails cannot tread.  Put it in the closet, the trunk, or behind the couch until you need it. $999